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The truth is on the water with Malibu and Axis Boats. Whether you’re just starting out or wanting the top-of-the-line, premiere wake boat, Malibu and Axis has a boat for you. The performance of the wakeboard/wakesurf wake is vital to comfortable learning, progression, and having optimal fun on the water. If you are investing in a wake boat, I want you to be confident that it will perform with excellence, fulfill your specific needs. The boats are spacious, clean, optioned out and were built with you in mind.

Wakeboat in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

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Boat Sale Review

BEST boat buying experience ever!!! Kirby went above and beyond and it’s obvious he takes great care of all of his boats. We got a few lessons from him as well and he is a phenomenal instructor! Him and his family are some of the most genuine and friendly people you will ever meet! We can’t thank them enough and can’t freakin wait to enjoy our new Axis back home!

– Amanda O’Mara