May - September

Lake of The Ozarks, Missouri

May - September

Join us for a lesson in The Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
Lake of The Ozarks Location

October - April

Fort Myers, Florida

October - April

Join us for a lesson in Fort Myers, Florida
Fort Myers Location
Kirby teaching wakeboarding form

About Kirby

Kirby’s School of Wake is the ultimate watersports experience at the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and Fort Myers, Florida. We provide a fun, safe and professional learning experience for riders of all levels. Whether you are learning the basics or ready for the most advanced tricks, Kirby’s relaxed, no-pressure coaching style will keep you progressing at the pace that you are most comfortable with. Enjoy wake surfing, wakeboarding, and cable park lessons with Kirby Liesmann, Pro Wakeboarder and Coach.

What you Could learn

How to wakeboard

Get up wakeboarding for the first time with us!

How to Wakesurf

Get up wakesurfing for the first time with us!

How to ride Cable Park

Learn to ride off the dock the first time!

How to wake foil

Learn to ride a wake foil for the first time!


Learn to jump on a wakeboard!

Surf the wave

Drop the rope and ride the endless wave!

Ride around the Cable

Learn how to do turns to complete a lap!

Flying the wake foil

Learn how to ride the board above water!

Spin Rotations

Learn spins on the surface and in the air!

Carve the Wave

Learn turns up and down the wave!

Slide rails

Safely approach opticals like boxes and rails!

Surf the foil

Ride the wave with no rope!

Basic Flips

Learn to go upside down on a wakeboard like a pro!

Wakesurf 360

Master the impressive wakesurf spin!

Hit Ramps

Get air like never before on your wakeboard!

Carve the foil

Learn how to maneuver the board!

What Students are saying

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