Recommended Wake Schools

There is a lot that goes into choosing a wakeboarding school to work with. On my journey of  becoming a professional wakeboarder, I have been fortunate to have the influence of many great riders and coaches in my riding. Everyone I have worked with has helped shape the way I ride, coach, and how I view wakeboarding today. We all have different learning styles, so it is healthy to experience different coaching styles.  Here are schools we highly recommend if you are not able to work with us at our Florida or Missouri location. These are schools you can trust to receive nothing but excellent instruction and a fun experience.

Boat Sale Review

BEST boat buying experience ever!!! Kirby went above and beyond and it’s obvious he takes great care of all of his boats. We got a few lessons from him as well and he is a phenomenal instructor! Him and his family are some of the most genuine and friendly people you will ever meet! We can’t thank them enough and can’t freakin wait to enjoy our new Axis back home!

– Amanda O’Mara