Day Camps: Why Kids (and parents) Can’t Get Enough

We have held numerous events over the years at the Lake of the Ozarks, but Kirby’s School of Wake Day Camps continue to be our most popular. They have become so sought after in fact, that there has been a waitlist for the past three summers. Kids, and parents, can’t seem to get enough, and here’s why!
  1. Affordability
  2. Community
  3. Flexible
  4. Fun
Day Camps are offered at discounted rates. This allows room for families on a budget (trust us, we get it!) and families who’d prefer to make certain their kiddo(s) enjoy the sport before investing further into private lessons or equipment. The sessions are done on beautiful, current year Malibu/Axis Boats AND we provide all the equipment. Enjoy our top-of-the-line board selection and size run of lifejackets. Don’t forget about BbTalkin’!  Day Campers also have access to use the Bluetooth Intercom System, BbTalkin’ to communicate in real time with their coach while they ride! Day Camps are also done back in the state park to ensure safe and calm water conditions so that students get the most out of their lesson time. Community is one of our core values. Day Camps have that special sauce to bring kids (and parents) together! We love seeing kiddos connect and make friends with others who love watersports too – they often sign up for the same sessions and sometimes we even see families getting together outside of Day Camps. There’s no better place to make some new lake friends! We know summer can be crazy! Families often squeeze in a lot in their time at the lake. That is why we’ve created our Day Camps to be flexible. Sign up for morning, afternoon, or stay all day! You can also customize the number of sessions. Register with easy online booking, stay up to date with our reminder emails, and boom! You’re all set! FUN!! Kids love our Day Camps most because they are a fun way to spend Friday’s on the water throughout the summer. Our coaches are highly trained and love helping students grow and progress their skills on the water in a fun and safe way! So what are you waiting for! Our Day Camps are available for booking for Summer 2023 AND due to popularity, we’ve decided to add a second Day Camp Boat this summer for Day Camps in the month of July. Run, don’t walk! Spots won’t stay open for long! Kids and parents love them, and you will too! We can’t wait to see YOU on the water!


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